Strut Front End Kit for Aluminum Wheels 1/25th Scale

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S-SFE-1AL Strut Front End Kit, Aluminum Wheels 
This new strut front end kit utilizes many of the same components as the original SFE-1, as shown above. It does incorporate a modified spindle to accommodate the .094" ID of the spindle cap/boss used on my soon-to-be-released CNC machined aluminum wheels and photo etch centers, along with revised snubbers and PE adjusters.  To see how to assemble these, please see the assembly instructions.

**PLEASE NOTE: I am beginning to include machined aluminum upper spring retainers.  I believe these will enhance the appearance of the the struts and will make retainer assembly easier.  The new retainers incorporate a machined spring centering pad and a stepped hole.  The upper hole is .020" in diameter; the lower one is .033".  This allows the builder to use the included pin(s) to attach/retain the upper mounting point as a stud mount (pin through the floor, frame rail or cross member).  The .020" stepped portion of the hole can be drilled out, which will permit the stainless tube to protrude through the retainer and can serve the same purpose at the thru-pin.  Doing this should permit the builder to use the full-length tube, otherwise it will require shortening.  The builder can disregard the small, smooth discs included with the PE lower spring adjusters.